Thousands of community members engaged in shaping their future and their families future.

 African immigrant focus group.

African immigrant focus group.


The Powell-Division Transit Project was a collaboration between the Cities of Gresham, Portland and the Metro Regional Government to implement the goals for their Title VI Civil Rights Plan.  MCC and partners Cogan Owens Greene and Design and Culture Lab provided multicultural community engagement support to reach diverse, low income, seniors, people with disabilities and limited English proficiency in the 16 mile corridor. We developed a discussion leaders' format and helped schedule 11 culturally specific discussions, conducted a youth organizer business canvass, created interactive displays and a postcard mailing. Communities included Bhutanese, Tongan, Russian, Latino, African, African American, Chinese and Vietnamese.  Youth canvassers conducted more than 200 business interviews in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chines, and helped code and summarize results. In a refinement phase, we conducted culturally-specific transit rider focus groups. These were conducted in Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian and English with the African Immigrant, Tongan, Bhutanese, African American, Native American, youth and people with disabilities. These focus groups provided applied feedback to the Powell-Division Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) planning team in a number of areas.

 Rendering by Travis Dang

Rendering by Travis Dang


The Jade District is a vibrant southeast Portland community centered along the intersection of SE 82nd Avenue and SE Division Street.  Within its .91 square mile boundary is a highly diverse neighborhood of more than 400 businesses with nearly half of the residents being people of color.

The Jade Visioning project engaged the diversity of the district directly in planning community-desired improvements through ethnic and racial specific outreach. Six workshops took place between April and June 2014 resulting in a community-defined vision for the most critical improvements helping leverage the public monies available to the Jade District staff.

 PLACE IT! workshop with James Rojas

PLACE IT! workshop with James Rojas


Client Hacienda CDC envisioned the project to focus on engagement of the residents of the Villa de Clara Vista, along with culturally specific outreach to Latino, Somali, and other immigrant populations. MCC along with nationally recognized urban planner, James Rojas, developed two workshops and focused on outreach, language translation, youth engagement and local knowledge and expertise within the Villa de Clara Vista resident population.

The overarching purpose of this project is to elevate equity as a key outcome of a climate action plan. By conducting a thoughtful, collaborative process to develop equity metrics, the project sought to strengthen Portland’s climate plan and improve the end outcomes locally through its implementation. The project is also intended to inform other cities’ climate planning efforts and help establish an expectation that equity issues are key considerations in local climate action plans. 

 Cully neighborhood children designing safe streets

Cully neighborhood children designing safe streets


Let Us Build Cully Park! is a coalition of 17 community organizations coming together to build momentum for the funding and construction of Cully Park in NE Portland. This neighborhood lacks critical infrastructure, is one of the most racially diverse Portland neighborhoods, and is predominantly low-income. An extraordinary plan, the Cully Park project, was centered on building community capacity in transportation-related public involvement and developing community-driven project outcomes for the neighborhood. 

The goal of this project is three-fold: build capacity for public engagement, outreach and process within the Cully neighborhood by providing community members training and experience conducting door-to-door surveys and facilitating small workgroups at community open houses;  engage with public agencies to develop relationships with community members to help them navigate, advocate and understand the transportation planning and project funding process for their community; and, provide recommendations to the public agencies from the community for safe access to Cully Park. The project took place January to June 2013.


City of Canby Transit Master Plan:  Public Involvement and Latino-specific Engagement

City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning & Sustainability:  Stakeholder Facilitation with Professional Development for the East Portland and Inner Neighborhoods | Public Workshop Facilitation

City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning & Sustainability:  Portland Comprehensive Plan | Equity Policy Analysis and Staff Facilitation

Metro:  Equity Strategy Discussion Groups

Metro | City of Gresham | City of Portland | Tri-Met:  Powell-Division Transit Project & Infrastructure

Metro:  Connect with Nature:  Park design through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion

Metro:  Multi-year On-Call Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Facilitation Services for Metro staff

New Multnomah County Library:  Community Engagement Focus Groups

Tri-Met:  MultiCultural Outreach and Engagement Services (5-year project)

ReBuilding Center:  Property Development Feasibility Study – Community Engagement

EcoTrust: Creating Local Food Access

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):  Greening America’s Communities – Multnomah County | The Jade District

City of Tigard:  Park Development

 Oregon Department of Transportation & CH2M:  82nd Avenue of Roses Project | Public and Culturally Specific Engagement

Oregon Solutions:  On-Call Project Management

Oregon Consensus:  On-Call Senior Level Public Policy Mediation & Facilitation

Association of Oregon Recyclers - Panelist and Presentation: Bridging the Gap Between Compliance & Developing a MultiCultural Workplace

Oregon Humanities:  Conversation Project Leaders 2017-18

Rose CDC:   Diverse Community Engagement for Affordable Housing

Reach CDC:  Board Retreat Facilitation

Portland Science Advocates:  Strategic Planning Board Retreat

Oregon Consensus/National Policy Consensus Center