Cully Park Safe Access Project 1: Let Us Build Cully Park!

Let Us Build Cully Park! is a coalition of 17 community organizations coming together to build momentum for the funding and construction of Cully Park in NE Portland. This neighborhood lacks critical infrastructure, is one of the most racially diverse Portland neighborhoods, and is predominantly low-income. An extraordinary plan, the Cully Park project, was centered on building community capacity in transportation-related public involvement and developing community-driven project outcomes for the neighborhood. 

The goal of this project is three-fold: build capacity for public engagement, outreach and process within the Cully neighborhood by providing community members training and experience conducting door-to-door surveys and facilitating small workgroups at community open houses;  engage with public agencies to develop relationships with community members to help them navigate, advocate and understand the transportation planning and project funding process for their community; and, provide recommendations to the public agencies from the community for safe access to Cully Park. The project took place January to June 2013.

Cully Park Safe Access Project (Spring 2013)