Climate Action Plan Social Equity Guidance and Metrics

Client Hacienda CDC envisioned the project to focus on engagement of the residents of the Villa de Clara Vista, along with culturally specific outreach to Latino, Somali, and other immigrant populations. MCC along with nationally recognized urban planner, James Rojas, developed two workshops and focused on outreach, language translation, youth engagement and local knowledge and expertise within the Villa de Clara Vista resident population.

The overarching purpose of this project is to elevate equity as a key outcome of a climate action plan. By conducting a thoughtful, collaborative process to develop equity metrics, the project sought to strengthen Portland’s climate plan and improve the end outcomes locally through its implementation. The project is also intended to inform other cities’ climate planning efforts and help establish an expectation that equity issues are key considerations in local climate action plans.

Climate Action Plan Social Equity Guidance and Metrics Summary Report (March 2014)