City of Canby Transit Master Plan:  Public Involvement and Latino-specific Engagement

The project scope was the first step in the development of a new Transit Master Plan for the City of Canby. Project consultants provided key choices for Canby’s transit stakeholders and decision-makers. These choices have no technically correct answer. They are a question of values, which only the community can answer. These key choices will have an influence on how Canby Area Transit (CAT) plans for the future. The two key choices described in this project report are:

  • With some minor changes, Canby Area Transit could serve the same number of dial-a-ride and paratransit customers using a smaller portion of its budget. Is this change worthwhile? If so, it would free up some budget for other uses.
  • How should any additional budget be spent: In more express bus routes to other cities, or in an in-town circulator?

MCC's primary role was facilitation and outreach to ensure communities of color had a role in how future transit could improve better conditions for all community members of Canby.

English Flyer (February 2017)

Spanish Flyer (February 2017)